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To start with, please see our Activity Check List on our Infrastructure Forms page that will help guide you through some of the necessary processes required to be completed before starting work at Edmonton International Airport or Villeneuve.

There may be standards for certain materials used on the site or within the terminal building. As well, there may be procedures for certain activities, such as tieing into a building system.

Request for Facility Maintenance Support or Review

Any project related queries requiring Facility Maintenance resource support or review will require a minimum of 48hrs notice.  To request Facility Maintenance personnel support or review, please contact:

Maintenance Center at 780‐890‐8463 between 07:30 – 16:00 Monday – Friday

A service request will be generated and followed up by the Facilities Maintenance Planning department.  For after hours emergency requests please contact:

Shift Electrician at 780‐913‐5940