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EIA Team Blast: EIA SAFE WALK Program

Airport Security has the responsibility of providing a safe walk to any airport employee or tenant who request it.  With respect to Public Safety a request for a safe walk can also be extended to members of the general public – such as a lone passenger wishing to have a security escort to their vehicle in the parkade.



Airport employees / tenants who require a safe walk security escort can either report to the Central Security Office or call the Central Security Office at 780 890 8207.



Upon notification of a Safe Walk escort request – Airport Security shall:

  • WALK-IN Facilitate the Safe Walk as soon as they are able to do so – however – not keeping the requesting party waiting.
  • PHONE CALL - Ask what time the requesting party would like the safe walk for and have them meet the security escort at the Central Office.
  • SECURITY ESCORT - Will accompany the requesting party to their vehicle and will stand down once the person is safely in their vehicle.



Even though members of the general or traveling public may not know that we have a Safe Walk / Security Escort Program in force – there may be an occasion where a Security Guard is approached and asked to provide an escort.


In this scenario – Airport Security personnel as a customer service initiative – shall facilitate the request as follows:

  • IF APPROACHED The Security Guard will contact the on-duty Airside Team Leader and either arrange for a security escort (safe walk) and or provide the safe walk themselves.
  • WALK-IN TO CENTRAL OFFICE Central Office Security Guard will contact the on-duty Airside Team Leader and arrange for a security escort (safe walk).



The Safe Walk / Security Escort Program has been in force for several years. Airport Security personnel shall accommodate all requests for a safe walk escort.


If you have any questions or feedback please contact, Jason Sangster Manager of Airport and Corporate Security at