Villeneuve Airport

Villeneuve Airport is a general aviation airport just west of Edmonton.  Although not as large as Edmonton International Airport, we are just as committed to making sure it runs as safely and efficiently as EIA.  With that in mind, it has many similar processes, standards and requirements for construction and maintenance that EIA does.  Please read on!


General Requirements

There is a mix of property ownership at Villeneuve Airport.  Many facilities and parcels of land are owned by Edmonton Airports and leased to tenants, but there are a few facilities that are privately owned. Edmonton Airports' is obligated to ensure the airport operates safely and efficiently.  As a result there are a few requirements and standards for the site that need to be followed.

The requirements apply to any property or facility leased from Edmonton Airports.  They will also apply when work on privately owned property or facilities may impact airport infrastructure or have operational considerations.  This would include items such as creating access to aprons or taxiways, extending an existing building or tying into airport utilities as just a few examples.

These activities require a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) before any work may proceed. The FAP process reviews all proposed construction and development to ensure work doesn't harm airport operations or infrastructure.  See our section on Facility Alteration Permits  for more detailed information!

No construction or demolition work can be done on any EA site without an approved permit, and any work found being conducted without an approved permit may be shut down.  If the works goes beyond your lease or property boundaries, you may be required to have a license agreement with our Commercial Development department before you can proceed with work.

Our section on standards at Villeneuve will help you plan your work.