Work Within the Terminal


Edmonton Airports has design guidelines for any general construction that may occur within the terminal to maintain compatibility with existing finishes and building systems. This includes the installation of cabling, floor finishes, etc.  Submit a Request for Information (see Infrastructure Forms) to get detailed information.

The Landlord's Scope of Work will detail requirements for finshes and construction within tenant spaces to be developed.  Contact your Concessions or Retail Specialist for what is required in your particular instance.

In order to minimize disruptions to passengers and staff due to construction activities there are requirements around theses activities within the terminal.

Hoarding will be required anytime construction is occurring within public areas and there may be limitations on when work can occur. Click to view our Construction Hoarding Requirements.

As parts of the original terminal building were built in 1960, north of gridline n6 (old gridline 28x), there may be asbestos or mineral wool present. Check our  Asbestos Guidelines to see if your area of work may be affected and if so, what requirements must be met while doing work in the area.

Once your are familiar with the standarads, guidelines and requirements of working at EIA, we recommend that you use the Activity Checklist to help you determine the documentation that you need to complete for your work and the order in which the documentation should be completed.