We have general requirements (below), but also requirements specific to work within the Terminal Building or just work outside of the Terminal Building when working at Edmonton International Airport.  These requirements allow us to ensure the continued safety of our passengers, tenants and staff.  We also need to make sure any work is compliant with our existing systems.

Most construction and many maintenance activities require a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) before any work may proceed.  The FAP process reviews all proposed construction and development to ensure work doesn't harm airport operations or infrastructure.  The FAP review may also identify the need for a review of the project by Transport Canada, Nav Canada or both.  Edmonton Airports will help assist with the application to these Authorities if required.

No construction or demolition work can be done on any EA site without an approved permit, and any work found being conducted without an approved permit may be shut down.

Remember, having an approved FAP does not replace any reviews/approvals required or conducted by the Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

General Requirements

What You Need To Know

The following items are requirements you will need to consider no matter whether your work is inside or outside of the Terminal Building.  

Safety, Environment and Security - We ensure that the safety and security of our customers, staff, facilities and environment is a primary concern in all aspects of doing business. Your work may require that you follow some or all components of our Environment and Safety Management program or our  Construction Security Plan.

There may be a requirement for you to contact our Emergency Response Services if conducting certain activities.  Our Hot Works Operations guidelines will give you more details.

Utilities - Edmonton Airports owns many of the utilities on site. In order to maintain service levels and safety at the airport, we have requirements that need to be met before tying into any of our systems. Use the "Request for Information form" to gain access to these standards . We also have specific requirements for our:

Fire Suppression System - click here for information on information about Notice of Impairment.

Deliverables - As a responsible site manager, Edmonton Airports' is required to maintain current records of all work that occurs on any of the sites. All work that is approved will be required to provide record drawings and approvals received from the Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Here is a list of documents we may require to be submitted for construction and maintenance projects.

We also have developed a check list that will help you to identify many of the processes you will be required to follow while working at EIA (see Infrastructure Forms).