New Employee Information

First and foremost we want to say 'Welcome!'

We are very glad you have joined our airport community and we hope you find this a wonderful and exciting place to work.
It really is fabulous to be part of a growing, thriving world-class airport. The video below shows what it means to work at EIA and gives you some information about your new work environment at Edmonton International Airport.


EIA is committed to sustainability and wants to share with you our vision on sustainability. (PDF)

EIA Sustainability Employee Tours

At EIA we recognize that part of being a sustainable company is having clear, open and honest communication with our employees. Being transparent on our sustainable actions allows us to show accountability towards the decisions we make. Offering a tour of the office tower and the airport grounds to interested employees, will allow us to connect with our employees. 

Organizer: Sustainability Specialist

Have a question about our Sustainability program? Email us at

Timing every first Monday of the month: from 3:00 - 4:00pm


Participants: maximum 6 people at a time

Tour guides: Sustainability Specialist