EIA TEAM Recognition and Rewards

EIA TEAM recognizes that the it's the people who work here that make EIA an industry leader in aviation services and customer service. Recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance is one way we can say thanks.

Caught Ya Awards

A Caught Ya Award recognizes employees who demonstrate excellent service by going the extra mile.

Fill out a Caught Ya Award form when you wish to recognize some who:

  • Went out of the way to help a member of the public or fellow airport employee
  • Did something that others in the same situation would not have done
  • Acted in a way that is motivational and inspirational for peers
  • Is a member of the public caught behaving in a similar manner

Caught Ya Award winners receive a $5.00 voucher for select restaurant and retail outlets at EIA.

Caught Ya Award forms are available in most office areas and the Information Booth, or fill out this form:

Caught Ya Award online form