Corporate Vision, Mission, Goals, Values


More flights to more places.


Driving our region's economic prosperity through aviation and commercial development.


10 million annual enplaned and deplaned passengers by 2025.

Core Values

Safety and security first

We ensure that the safety and security of our customers, staff, facilities and environment is a primary concern in all aspects of doing business.

Own the outcome

We are motivated by customer expectations in providing quality facilities and services in a customer-sensitive and service driven manner.

Doing the right things right

We are accountable for all our actions including financial management and act honestly and respectfully in our business relations, usage of our resources, treatment of our customers and each other, and in the general conduct of our business.

Invested in our talent

People are our most important resource; we work together to foster an open and cooperative environment that encourages teamwork, communication and mutual respect.

Dedicated to sustainability

We are committed to responsibly managing all of our assets to advance our region's environmental stewardship, social well-being and economic prosperity.

Strategic Objectives

  • Grow non-aeronautical revenue
  • Grow air service
  • Engaged employees achieving winning results