Media Access

Access Policies

Public Area Media Access Policy

Specific permission is not required from Edmonton Airports for media personnel wishing to conduct interviews, film, or take photographs in public, non-restricted areas of the Air Terminal Building. It is important, however, that such activity does not block or restrict movement, ensuring that normal flow of travellers and airport personnel are not impeded by such activity. Care should also be taken to ensure that emergency exits and escape routes are kept clear at all times. This includes taping down any cables that may present a tripping hazard. A courtesy call to Corporate Communications advising of location and story subject will be appreciated.

Please note that Edmonton Airports is not responsible for our tenants, including retail, and commercial outlets. If your story concerns these companies, please contact them directly for permission to film or interview.

Important: Media are not permitted in the immediate vicinity of the following areas:
1) pre-board screening; 2) airline ticketing or check-in podiums; or 3) the area behind check-in position where baggage drop-off belts are located. Still and video photography are forbidden in these locations at the request of the airlines and the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), as such activity may result in poor performance of airline staff or breach of confidentiality of passenger or airline information appearing on computer monitors.

Restricted Area Media Access Policy

Access to any restricted area at Edmonton International Airport is subject to Transport Canada Security Measures. Media representatives may go through pre-board screening areas into secure areas only with permission of Corporate Communications and with a required escort. They also must be processed and submit themselves and their equipment to inspection as if a member of the travelling public. Filming or still photography of people or objects undergoing pre-board security screening is forbidden.

Media access to restricted areas is permitted for specific, pre-arranged events, such as inaugural flights or other similar media events. In these cases, media accreditation and escort arrangements for media personnel are generally made by the organization hosting the event.

Restricted areas are not limited to the Air Terminal Building. Access to restricted areas within the airfield perimeter is subject to Transport Canada security measures. Media requests for interview or photo access to areas where corporate or general aviation activity takes place should be made directly with the aircraft owner, operator, or contracted handling agency. Access to specific tenant corporate or airfield facilities are subject to their own corporate policies and Transport Canada Security Measures.