Emergency Response Services

In case of emergency at Edmonton International Airport:

  • Call the airport RCMP detachment at 780 890 4333 for policing needs
  • Call Emergency Response Services at 780-890-7911 for fire and medical
  • You can also dial 911 from any telephone and let them know you are calling from Edmonton International Airport

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
Edmonton International Airport has its own Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment. Their work includes:

  • Providing security and community policing to Edmonton International Airport patrons and employees
  • Investigating, detecting and preventing crime
  • Enforcing laws and statutes, maintaining peace and order and protecting life and property
  • Emergency preparedness training to respond to a range of situations, including terrorist attacks

For More Information: Visit the RCMP website.

Emergency Response Services
Edmonton International Airport has a highly trained Emergency Response Services (ERS) team on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to any fire or medical emergency.


Airport firefighters are equipped to respond instantly to aircraft emergencies. They are also trained to fight fires in buildings and in emergency medical response. Airport emergency services are regulated by Transport Canada.


The ERS team handles all calls for medical aid at Edmonton International Airport. Each year they respond to hundreds of requests ranging from minor scrapes and bruises to life-threatening medical crises. All ERS members are Emergency Medical Responders registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics.

Special Services

Team members also respond to dangerous goods incidents, motor vehicle accidents and provide aircraft-related services such as standing by for "hot refuelling" of airliners. The team's duties also include wildlife control, runway patrols and airport security patrols. Members of the ERS team also teach first aid, risk management and emergency preparedness to other airport employees.

Did You Know?

  • That airport firefighters must be able to respond from the firehall to the mid-point of the furthest runway in less than three minutes?
  • That Edmonton International Airport's three large rescue/firefighting vehicles have a combined capacity of 24,000 litres of water, 3,134 litres of foam and 681 kg of dry chemical?
  • That ERS also operates multi-emergency vehicles that respond to everything from medical emergencies to car accidents?
  • That regular inspection of all airport fire protection equipment is another important duty of ERS?