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Villeneuve Airport

Villeneuve Airport is the only general aviation airport in the Capital Region with a NAV CANADA Air Traffic Control Tower. The air traffic control tower operates daily from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. 

Roles of Villeneuve Airport

  • Commercial General Aviation Airport
  • General Aviation Airport – an airport using small aircraft, whether fixed or rotary-wing for private, corporate or commercial purposes including recreation, flying training, private transportation or other specialty purposed but excluding scheduled air service, unit toll air service or other air service where the air carrier or its agents sells seating capacity seat(s) by seat(s) to more than one passenger or entity
  • Alternate for air ambulance operations
  • Wide range of services for private and commercial operations in both fixed and rotary-wing
  • Operations and development of Villeneuve Airport will be directed to supporting:
    • Light aircraft flight activity including flight training
    • Recreational flying
    • Corporate and air charter activity
    • Compatible aircraft maintenance
    • Manufacturing and support operations
    • Strategic role in Edmonton Airports’ airport network
    • Transport Canada identified Villeneuve as a satellite airport:
    • Complements the larger Edmonton International Airport (EIA)
    • “…help ensure the safe and efficient operation of the larger international airports they serve by diverting small, general aviation recreational and training aircraft away from the larger airport” (National Airports Policy, Transport Canada 1994)

Economic Impact

Villeneuve Airport is home to 23 businesses, covering such activities as aircraft flight training, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance, helicopter maintenance and aviation operations. Total economic impact amounts to:

  • $19 million in economic output
  • Roughly 100 direct jobs

Growth and Development

A significant amount of new, privately-funded development is currently taking place at Villeneuve Airport.  There are 6 newly-leased lots under development and 14 newly sub-divided greenfield lots available for lease.

Since 2002, Edmonton Airports has spent almost $7 million on Villeneuve’s infrastructure.  It is expected that traffic at Villeneuve Airport will grow over time.

Aircraft MTOW (kg)  Rate per 1000 kgs
10,000 kgs or less $3.00
10,001 kgs or greater $3.50


Parking fees are applicable to aircraft parked on the main apron and the public tie-down area.

Main Apron
Aircraft MGTOW (kg) Daily Monthly Annually
10,000 kgs or less $13.00 $120.00 $720.00
10,001 kgs or greater $20.00 $180.00 $1080.00





Public Tie-down Area - $400/year - $700/year

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