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Edmonton International Airport

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Airport Improvement Fee

Passengers departing Edmonton International Airport pay an Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) of $30. This fee is included in the price of airline tickets. The AIF is used to fund any air terminal redevelopment projects.

The following passengers are exempt from the fee:

  • Children under two
  • Aircraft crew on duty
  • Airline staff travelling on business
  • In-transit passengers remaining on board an aircraft
  • Passengers connecting within four hours for domestic/transborder flights (24 hours for international flights)

Since industry de-regulation in 1992, Canadian airports stopped receiving tax monies for major facility upgrades or operational requirements, and therefore have been solely responsible for funding these projects.

The airport terminal had been expanded in 2000 to accommodate up to 5.5 million passengers a year, but by 2008 was operating 20 percent over its capacity. The Expansion 2012 project was undertaken to accommodate the rapid increase in passenger numbers at EIA and enable the terminal to comfortably serve 10 million passengers each year. The project was completed just in time because in 2012 EIA served nearly 6.8 million passengers, and the numbers continue to grow each month.

Expansion 2012 is financed through the Alberta Capital Finance Authority, which allows EIA to leverage the Province's excellent credit rating. Edmonton Airports is also able to draw funds only as required, rather than taking out one large loan at the start of the project. This keeps interest costs down and allows flexibility in financial planning.

We are committed to a transparent process, in which money collected is accounted for separately in our financial statements.

Edmonton Airports is further committed to spending prudently and frugally, understanding that we are collecting directly from the public, and need to be accountable for how that money is spent. We understand that people are looking for a functional, efficient building, appropriate to the growth and needs of our region.

Schedule of Rates and Fees for Ground Transportation

Class I –  Limousine Stand Ground Transportation Operator - As per agreement

Class III – Scheduled Bus Service - As per agreement

Class V – Taxicab Stand Operators - As per agreement

Vehicle Class Passenger Seat Range

Rate Per Trip:
April 2018 – April 2019

Small 0 – 4 $6.25
Medium 5 – 24 $7.75
Large 25 plus $46.00


For more information on the Schedule of Rates and Fees for Ground Transportation, or regarding our discounted rates, please contact by e-mail