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Airside Winter Operations Program

Airside Operations at Edmonton International Airport (EIA) maintain and monitor all runways, taxiways, aprons and airside roads to ensure safe and continuous operation of the airport during winter conditions. Operations include snow removal and ice control on all airside surfaces and surface condition reporting.

The effective management of snow and ice requires clear communication protocols to ensure all airside tenants and operational people understand existing/changing conditions and potential impacts to business. The airport Duty Manager is the central point of contact for daily operational issues. Airside Operations will communicate through the airport Duty Manager for all winter operations and directly with Nav Canada for access to the airfield.

It is integral that airside tenants cooperate with Airside Operations by ensuring work areas are clear of equipment in order to expedite snow removal. Effective communication lines between airside tenants and the Duty Manager will make snow and ice management a much more efficient process.


Detailed Edmonton Airports' 2017/18 Airside Winter Operations Program

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