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What is the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority?

The Regional Airports Authorities Act of 1989 governs airport authorities in Alberta. The Edmonton Regional Airports Authority (widely known as Edmonton Airports) was established under the act in 1990. Transport Canada officially handed the management of the Edmonton International Airport to Edmonton Airports on Aug. 1, 1992. EIA leases its land from Transport Canada. The Authority is legally and financially independent. No government or other body has a call on the assets of the Authority, nor are they liable for the debts of the Authority. By law the Authority does not have equity shareholders or to provide any external body with an equity interest in our organization. We operate as a not-for-profit corporation. All income and surpluses must be applied to the promotion of our purposes.


The Regional Airports Authorities Act contains provisions to ensure that Edmonton Airports is accountable, and that it represents the best interests of the region and the public. These measures include:

Appointment of Directors

Area municipalities, the City of Edmonton and the Government of Canada have appointed 15 Directors. It is the responsibility of these directors to represent what they view as the best interests of the Airports Authority and the region.

Public Reports and Information

Edmonton Airports are required to make our annual reports, audited financial statements and the membership of our Board of Directors available to the public.

Annual Public Meeting

We are required to hold an annual public meeting at which our board and management present the annual report of Edmonton Airports, financial statements and its statement of operational goals for the current fiscal year. The public is provided with an opportunity to ask questions and make comments to the board and senior management of the authority.

Performance Review

Every five years we are required to commission an independent performance review by a qualified firm. This review evaluates the extent to which we have fulfilled our purposes and will assess the overall management, operation and financial performance of Edmonton Airports.

Ministerial Approval

Amendments to Edmonton Airports' practices of association must be approved by the Minister of Transportation and Utilities.

Notice of Special Resolution

The Regional Airports Authorities Act requires that the appointers to Edmonton Airports receive adequate notice of any special resolution to be considered by the Board of Directors.